Monthly Special


"Wisteria and birds"


We have selected Wisteria as a monthly flowers of May. This screen was painted by our senior artist Kenzo on four panels of gold leaf. The image is a typical style of Rinpa school started in 19th century. The two aged vine trees are winding each other and hold the flower clusters underneath. The fresh green leaves reflect a new life and the beautifully painted flowers in white/purple show a pleasure of life. Two birds are playing in flight under the trees. It is a peaceful harmony of the nature. The abstruct line of the waters are also symbolic image of Rinpa school.


Dimensions : 90cm tall x 180cm wide (3' x 6')

Normal price : $2,150

Sale price : US$1,650

Shipping : $150 - $200 varies on destination

The sale is valid until end of the month.






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